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Hurricane Vince Tracking with Google Earth Globe

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Like the look of this image? If you install Google Earth and download the Hurricane Vince Google Earth Files then you will be able to see it all in glorious 3D, zoom into every point on the track, and more. More about Hurricane Vince and historic tracking of previous hurricanes can be found on the hurricane pages. This is an overview of Hurricane Vince's track superimposed onto Google Earth. Each plot on the map represents a Lat/Long position of Vince at particular times determined by the National Hurricane Center (NHC). The NHC projection maps can be viewed on the maps page Hurricane Vince Maps.

Tropical Storm Vince STATUS: Tracking Tropical Storm Vince with Google Earth Globe.

11th October, 2005 ( Final News )

Vince finally comes ashore 8 miles west-southwest of Huelva in southern Spain as a Tropical Depression. This is quite amazing. It is the first ever Tropical Cyclone to come ashore in mainland Europe. Vince is moving east-northeast at 24mph with maximum sustained winds of 35mph. This is the final tracking map for Hurricane Vince.

11th October, 2005 News

Amazingly, Tropical Storm Vince is making landfall on the southern coast of Portugal/Spain with winds of 45mph. Will quickly fade as it starts to move over land and is expected to be downgraded to a Tropical Depression within the next six hours.

STATUS: Tracking Tropical Storm Vince with Google Earth Globe.

10th October, 2005 ( Final News )

Tropical Storm Vince is moving east-northeast at 25mph and is expected to make landfall as a Tropical Depression some time tonight, somewhere over southern Portugal.

10th October, 2005 News

Hurricane Vince is downgraded to a Tropical Storm as it moves to the east-northeast at 12mph. Maximum sustained winds of 60mph are expected to abate as Vince dissipates over the next 24 hours.

STATUS: Tracking Hurricane Vince with Google Earth Globe.

9th October, 2005 ( Final News )

Tropical Storm Vince attains hurricane status at 1700edt with maximum sustained winds of 75mph. Check progress on the Hurricane Vince tracking page with Google Earth. Hurricane Vince is becoming a bit of an anomaly in respect of it's very easterly position and the fact that it is moving over relatively cool waters (less that 25 degrees Celsius). Vince is not expected to maintain hurricane status for very long (according to the established rules) and because it is expected to be gobbled-up by a front moving in from the northwest.

9th October, 2005 News Tropical Storm Vince

For the last couple of days there has been a system between the Canary Islands and the Azores that looked to have tropical features. This system has developed and organised over those two days and has now been classified as Tropical Storm Vince. Vince is currently moving northeast at 5mph with maximum sustained winds of 50mph. It's predicted track will take it towards the northwestern coast of Spain. As yet, there is still some doubt as to whether Vince will attain hurricane status (maximum sustained winds in excess of 73mph).

I shall continue to update the tracking maps until Hurricane Vince dies. I can be found in the central Florida hurricane center forum until the end of November.

Dave Foster