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Hurricane Stan Tracking with Google Earth Globe

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Like the look of this image? If you install Google Earth and download the Hurricane Stan Google Earth Files then you will be able to see it all in glorious 3D, zoom into every point on the track, and more. More about Hurricane Stan and historic tracking of previous hurricanes can be found on the hurricane pages. hurricane stan tracking This is an overview of Hurricane Stan's track superimposed onto Google Earth. Each plot on the map represents a Lat/Long position of Stan at particular times determined by the National Hurricane Center (NHC). The NHC projection maps can be viewed on the maps page Hurricane Stan Maps.

10th October, 2005 News

The death toll from Hurricane Stan in Central America continues to rise as it passes the 750 mark. Reports now state that the final figure may never be known as rescue efforts in some areas come to an end due to the dangers posed. The intention now is to declare as mass graves those sites of villages that are completely covered in thousands of tons of drying mud.

8th October, 2005 News Hurricane Stan

It appears now that Hurricane Stan had a bigger impact than was first stated. Stan has been reported to have been the cause of 610 deaths in southern Mexico and Central America, the majority being in Guatemala close to the Mexican border. More bodies are being recovered daily and the death toll is slowly rising as the more romote areas are investigated. According to reports, most of the deaths have been recorded in swollen and overflowing rivers and mudslides. States of emergency have been declared in six Mexican states because of the storm.

Hurricane Stan only reached category 1, but the loss off life looks like it might well exceed the figures quoted for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita put together. A sobering thought.

6th October, 2005 ( Final News )

Hurricane Stan apparently split when it reached the Oaxaca range. Part of it turned back along the gulf coast and eventually resulted in the formation of 93L. The upper part of Stan actually made it across the mountains into the Pacific and can still be seen as a prominent feature.

STATUS: Tracking Tropical Storm Stan with Google Earth Globe.

5th October, 2005 ( Final News )

Well, Hurricane Stan did indeed have an impact in southern central Mexico. Stan spawned numerous storms that spread beyond the Mexican border and caused flash floods, landslides and damage to property. At the last count 66 deaths have been attributed to Stan in Central America although reports of deaths in Mexico are sparse. This is the final tracking map for Hurricane Stan.

5th October, 2005 News Oaxaca Mtns.

Stan, now a Tropical Storm, made landfall on the southern coast of Mexico 15 miles northeast of Tuxtla. He's slowly losing strength as he tracks southwest at 50 mph and is about to expire as he comes up against the towering Oaxaca Mountains (8000ft) in south central Mexico. Forecast to become a Tropical Depression on Wednesday at 0100cdt this is probably the last we've seen of Stan. Now, where's Tammy?

STATUS: Tracking Hurricane Stan with Google Earth Globe.

Hurricane Stan 4th October, 2005 News

Stan finally makes hurricane status as he approaches the southern Mexico coast as a Category 1 hurricane. Stan's still strengthening and could just tip into Category 2 (96mph+) before making landfall. Stan is likely to fizzle out quickly once he dumps his rainfall along the coast and moves further inland.

STATUS: Tracking Tropical Storm Stan with Google Earth Globe.

3rd October, 2005 News

Well, Tropical Storm Stan ran out of steam briefly whilst over the Yucatan Peninsula but he's now over water again and heading away from land out into the gulf. He should now slowly pick up from where he left off and, more than likely, attain hurricane status before the Mexican coast, possibly as a category 2 hurricane.

STATUS: Tracking Tropical Storm Stan with Google Earth Globe.

2nd October, 2005 News

Tropical Storm Stan ( and Hurricane-elect ) appears over the Yucatan Peninsula on track for landfall along the Mexico Gulf Coast. Check the tracking Hurricane Stan links to the left of the page.

I shall continue to update the tracking maps until Hurricane Stan dies. I can be found in the central Florida hurricane center forum until the end of November.

Dave Foster